The 1st payment platform designed for merchant business services. Differentiate by turning a payment device into an interactive Point of Services.


Reinvent payment apps’ user experience with an elegant TouchScreen device. Boost merchant productivity with tailor-made business apps.


Develop new revenue for merchant with extra sales apps. Change merchant daily life with a next generation device.


Maximum security

The iWL Touch series meets the most demanding safety requirements demanding and is PC-PTS 3.x compatible with SRED and open protocol. The iWL Touch 350 is the first device with touch screen for entering the PIN code to have obtained this level of certification.


All payment options

In addition to transactions via EMV Chip & PIN, band magnetic, signature capture and contactless payment, iWL Touch series.It also allows the management of coupons and wallets through the new NFC technology.


Pocket size

Designed for mobility situations, the iWL is sized pocket-size. It is the smallest and lightest terminal on the market inits range.


Long battery life

Originally designed for mobility, Ingenico has directed its efforts to provide a battery with exceptional service life.Depending on the usage situations, the iWL Touch series can offer up to several days of use.


Wireless connectivity

The iWL Touch series includes a wide variety of wireless connectivity – GPRS, 3G, Bluetooth Class 1 and GPRS (or 3G)+ Bluetooth, and offers effective coverage in all situations for use, both indoors and outdoors.


Large capacitive touch screen

User experience is the most important thing. The touchscreen capacitive 3 ”7 or 3” 5 offers ergonomics, interactivity and a smooth touch effect. Its transflective screen offers a unique readability in Exterior.


True multimedia

IWL Touch series is equipped with Ingenico Thunder processor 3 and with a dedicated audio / video decoder that allows the playback of multimedia content, while optimizing life useful battery life and enables intelligent storage space management allocated memory.


Sleek and stylish design

By exchanging traditional technology for a fully tactile, an elegant and fluid design has been achieved, which will appeal to merchants who care about the image of their store or their brand.





  1. The 1st payment platform designed for different merchant services
  2. Make a difference by turning a payment device into an Interactive Point of Services
  3. Reinvent the user experience with payment apps through an elegant touch screen
  4. Increase merchant productivity with business apps made Tailor-made
  5. Build new revenue for businesses with apps for additional sales
  6. Change the day-to-day of businesses with a new generation device Payment apps Business apps Apps additional sales Security Smart card Magnetic stripe Signature capture Contactless Multimedia Touch screen Wireless


iWL280 Touch Series DATASHEET


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